Saturday, January 12, 2008

Sewing with wool

When sewing with wool remember to always make you absorbent soaker removable from the wool cover. The soaker has to be washed in the washer and the wool cover has to hand washed, if they are sewn together you will not be able to wash them properly. If you lanolize your absorbent soaker you are really making it un-absorbent!

If you are tempted to use FOE with your wool cover, you may want to think again. Although I have heard of Mommas doing this with success, it doesn't make any sense to me. The FOE will just not behave as the wool does, it will get smelly faster and the wool cover will have to be washed more frequently then a cover without FOE. Your best bet is to use two layers of wool and hide the elastic between the two layers:
If you really want one layer of wool you could try using a wool binding to hide the elastic.

Wool soaker~
Here is a terrific free wool soaker pattern (for over top of a prefold or fitted).You can go to your local Salvation Army and pick up some cheap 100% wool sweaters, felt them, and create some really nice covers in about 30 min. I used a serger but you can also use a wide, close together zig zag for the same effect.

Check out my wool-in-two training pants instructions for a unique trainer that allows for breathability waterproofness.

Nursing pads~
One Momma I was talking to had a great idea for wool nursing pads. These nursing pads would have two parts. The first part would be a single layer lanolized wool circle, 4" in diameter, the second part would be a 3 or 4 layer flannel circle that is serged or zig zagged. Layered one on top of the other and placed in your bra, thus would create a waterproof, absorbent system that could combat any leak! I'm certainly going to try this for the next baby (right now I don't leak anymore!).

I think this wool + flannel concept could be applied to Momma pads, although I think it would be necessary to snap the flannel to the wool to prevent shifting.

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