Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sew your own Boppy pillow

I found these great instructions and pattern and I thought I'd share. I haven't actually made this but next time I have a newborn around I will.

The pattern is actually for a Boppy cover but I think if you just stuff it with polyester stuffing and sew up the seam you will have a Boppy pillow. Then you can use the pattern again to make a cover....or two!

Sew your own Boppy pillow


Crunchy_Conservative said...

When I had my first baby, I got a Boppy brand pillow, and it was too FLAT! It was totally useless for breastfeeding, but it was excellent to sit on while healing up for the first two weeks after the birth!

When I had my second, I made my own pillow using a similar pattern. I did exactly as you said, and stuffed it with poly and sewed the seam up to make the pillow. I stuffed it to fit me just perfectly, than made my own gorgeous cover that coordinated with the nursery! One hint - trim the pattern down slightly when you make the actual pillow, so it is smaller than the cover. That makes the cover fit perfectly.

Green Momma said...

Thanks for the hint, that makes a lot of sense!

Tina C said...